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How does Airbnb Clone Work?

airbnb clone

Airbnb clone is a vacation rental script which helps to create an online vacation rental platform similar to Airbnb. It offers up to 100% customization to create a suitable BnB startup. Airbnb clone inspired by Airbnb is a solution to your online property rental startup. Airbnb is a well-known online travel service provider that is largely focused on vacation rentals.

Let me tell you in brief what Airbnb clone does for users. In simple words, it is a medium where the host and guests can communicate to make a deal. Here, travel agents would not play any role so, that decreases the tour expenses. The BnB platform would get some amount as commission on every transaction that occurs on the website.

BistroStays – A Vacation Rental Software

BistroStays – A vacation rental software is a complete vacation rental business in itself. It’s standalone software that means you don’t have to use third-party software to enable an online property rental startup. Take a look at salient features of BistroStays

Automated Tasks

BistroStays automates day to day tasks such as property listing, booking, marketing, schedule management etc.

Standalone Software

Created in PHP 7 with an excellent programming framework.

Marketing & SEO Friendly

This vacation rental software has been created with On-Page SEO features, digital marketing modules, saving you a lot of money.

Any Rental Platform

You can use BistroStays for any online rental startup such as vacation rental, room rental, car rental, BNB, online reservation system etc.

Airbnb clone creates a stable vacation rental business. It follows the Airbnb business model which is a perfect business strategy for an online property rental business.


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